Mobiker - MK540-2.5L-C

INR 792.00*

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Key Features

With Mobiker 540, we have set a new standard for two-wheeler batteries.

Mobiker 540, the ultimate two-wheeler battery is here. Created with state-of-the-art technology under the most stringent quality parameters, each Mobiker 540 is guaranteed to add that extra power to your motorcycle. Its 18 month warranty ensures that with SF Sonic Rodeo, you will never be left high and dry.

Designed to meet Japanese standards (JIS D 5302), the quality manufacturing systems of Mobiker 540 batteries are certified under ISO/TS 16949-2002 & ISO 14001-2004 awarded by RWTUV of Germany.

  • Special grid alloy to provide durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Special glass mat bonded separators give protection against active material shedding during bumps and vibrations, assuring enhanced service life
  • Ruggedly designed polypropylene containers provide high impact resistance
  • The squeeze welding process gives leak-proof joints
  • Each battery comes in an exclusive sealed carton


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Warranty : 18F

Battery Type : MK540-2.5L-C

AH : 2