Turbo -TB360-35L

INR 3,437.00*

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Key Features

  • Especially for Indian Conditions: Specially designed for CARs and SUVs applications with Black Polypropylene container. Battery container corners are reinforced with ribs in order to make it rugged.
  • Technology: Optimized Alloy System to suit high temperature. This Alloy System also low maintenance in service.
  • Reduced Effect Of Vibration: Compact element design ensures battery to withstand high vibration in application.
  • Easy Handling and Spill Proof: Slot in lid for 35 Ah type, dual PP handles for 65Ah type for easy handling. Anti-splash guard feature in lid improves spill resistance characteristic.
  • Instant Start Every Time: Good cranking power and better life expectancy ensure customer satisfaction.


* F= Free of Cost ; P= Prorata Warranty

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Warranty : 12F

Battery Type : TB360-35L

AH : 35