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We started our journey with SF Sonic in October 1989. We are proud to be associated with the brand. Doing business with SF Sonic is an absolute pleasure for us. We are inspired by the brand’s philosophy to provide the best service within reasonable price.
We seized the opportunity to be a part of SF Sonic as the brand is synonymous with excellence. The brand has helped us in developing our business with valuable insights and ideas. Today, we stand as a successful establishment and this journey wouldn’t have been possible without all the support that we have received from SF Sonic.
We are SF Sonic’s elite channel partner and our philosophy is to “offer best service in the industry (post & pre sales) with a competitive pricing”. Our success mantra is “have big dreams and you will grow into them”. We started with a very few retailers but we have now expanded our market. We have opened new garages and added several new counters such as mechanics, Oems, and spare parts counters.
Our ultimate goal is to reach new heights and achieve more success in this business.
Address: Munsiplati Shopping Center, Opp. Garden Road, Godhra-389001
Mobile: 9426362809,9427808911

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