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Raju Autos was started in 1987. Initially, we were a very small auto electrical and battery repairing shop. We got associated with SF Sonic in 2005 and it was from there on that we started growing. It’s been over a decade now that we have teamed with the company as their Elite Channel Partner.
The initial path is never smooth for anyone and this was the case with our journey as well. However, we were determined in our pursuit of growth with SF Sonic. The two factors that buttressed our growth was the quality of the product from SF Sonic and our customer service.
The products by SF Sonic are of excellent quality and the best part is that the company is always enhancing the quality of their products with continuous innovations.  We think of our customers as one of the crucial driving force behind our growth and that is why we try to design our strategies in a way to serve them better.
We reflect the feedback we receive from our customers and try to quickly respond to their changing needs. This helps us creating value for our customers. Moreover, we make efforts for engaging in more customer-centric initiatives and improving our services.

Contact Informations

Shop No : 14/19
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh - 247001
Email : sunilbhagat140@yahoo.in
Mobile : 9219563349