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Neelkanth Enterprise is an Elite Channel Partner of SF Sonic. Our association is still in its initial phase; however, in these few months, we have been able to make our presence felt in the market.
Initially, we faced challenges from the local brands and other competitors. However, we were successful in setting the right pace of growth. And our success story is largely due to our prompt customer service.  We believe that building a loyal customer base is one of the key factors in establishing a business and for securing its longevity.
It’s because the customers have, in a way, become the voice of the brand and the services we are providing. If they are satisfied, they will give a positive review to other potential customers. We understand that their voice is essential to our success and that is why we put customer satisfaction before anything else.
We value their feedback and try to prioritise their needs. Apart from seeking new customers, we put our efforts in retaining our old ones and building a loyal customer base. Moreover, we also value their feedback on how we may improve our services further. This has also helped us improve our customer interactions and expand our business.

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1/A-Darshti Apartment
Gujarat - 360005
Email :
Mobile : 9925044221