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We started our business with SF Sonic in 1990. Back then, we started dealing with SF Sonic’s Hard Rubber batteries and managed to sell 20 batteries per month with just one charger and one staff.
Things have gotten way better for us now. We have expanded our distribution network and we have almost 75 sub-dealers, garages, and electricians. Initially, we started as a retailer. Then we got the distributionship offer from SF Sonic.
We have gone through a series of challenges. Overcoming the challenges was simple for us as it was easy reaching out to the customers with the superior quality products of SF Sonic.
Nevertheless, our journey all through these years with SF Sonic has been amazing and enlightening.  When you get to work with a peerless brand such as SF Sonic, success becomes contagious.
At MC Traders, we live by our philosophy “Serve our customers and us be served by them.” We believe that as a distributor of a reputed brand that SF Sonic is, you have to have a selfless customer service. This action will reciprocate as customer satisfaction and growth.
When customers are contented with the products and service you deliver, they recommend you to their friends and families. This way, success comes to you intrinsically.  
Our future goal is to enhance our sales up to 10% every year. And we believe we can do it, together with SF Sonic.

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Royal Plaza Building
Location : N H Road,Near Old Check Post
Kannur - 670006
Email :
Phone : 2700532-497
Mobile : 9961400532