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We first started our business in the year 2000. SF Sonic appointed us as their elite channel partner on 4th December 2008. SF Sonic has inspired us in our quest to strive for excellence in the industry. Our first order included 82 Auto batteries.
We joined SF Sonic in our pursuit to become the number 1 distributor. We are encouraged by how SF Sonic constantly improves their products and services; we have tried to imply the same work culture in our business as well.
The brand name has helped us gain popularity among buyers. Our sales have grown higher and business has gained momentum through years of hard work and perseverance.
Our success majorly depends on SF Sonic as the customers are very happy with the brand’s product quality. We also ensure that the buying experience is smooth for our customers. Our support team is available 24x7 with valuable assistance whenever our customers need us.
We are in an industry where service matters the most. Our success mantra is “always focus on giving the best service to your customers.”
Our journey with SF Sonic has been a wonderful experience and in the coming years, we aim to become their most trustworthy distributor in our region. We have sold over 1725 Auto and 620 MC batteries.

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SF Building, Gole Market, Opp Gole Masjid Sayed Karan Shah
Jammu & Kashmir
Karan Nagar
SRINAGAR - 190010
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Phone : 9419070565
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