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Deluxe Battery Co. is an Elite Channel Partner of SF Sonic and has been associated with the company since 2002. It’s been over a decade now and during this phase, we faced a lot of challenges. Based in North Bengal, our primary aim was to penetrate the entire market with our services.
Initially, the competition was pretty tough as we had to compete with the already established local brands. We always tried to go by the one-customer-at-a-time approach. As an agency committed towards the customer, we ensured that the customers using our services returned to us.
As a distribution partner, our responsibility starts from the point when we sell the products to our customers. Retaining our customers was our prime concern and for that, we were always prompt in responding to all their needs and provide them with the best solution to their problems.
With products by SF Sonic, it didn’t take us long to establish a strong ground in the North Bengal market. All the products are manufactured while adhering to strict quality standards. The company ensures that they listen to their customers and continuously innovate for creating a benchmark. This combined effort has helped us build a strong presence.

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Swarup Bhawan
West Bengal
West Bengal - 734401
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Phone : 9434052127