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We have been into battery business since 1974. We started SF Sonic distributionship back in 2008 and we still remember our first order that was 100 Auto. We have had a glorious relationship with SF Sonic for a decade. Looking back at where we were when we first started working with the company, we now know that we made one of the best decisions ever – to be a part of the brand.
There were several reasons for us to start working with the company. But mainly, SF Sonic was offering products that were off the charts. We were completely stunned when we first discovered the brand and how it was breaking boundaries in the domestic battery realm. This motivated us to be a part of the company without any second thoughts.
Sure, we did face several challenges at early stages. But dealing with them was a piece of cake as we received immense support from the company. We have been successful in spreading the brand’s reach to untouched segments over the years.
We have a “customers come first” philosophy to which we live by. With our success mantra as “honesty and hard work,” we are most contented when we get to serve our customers with quality and prompt service.
We aim for increasing our sales and growing along with the brand. We are positive about reaching our goals in the mere future. We have sold almost 2024 Auto and 969 MC.

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