We promise to stand by you in your need. SF Sonic introduced an innovative way of standing by you at the times of auto electrical emergencies.

An exclusive emergency service from SF Sonic created to address auto electrical emergencies. In case you are stranded with a start-up problem or battery failure, relax! All you need to do is call the Emergency helpline, and an emergency mobile unit will rush to your aid in no time at all.

How does the Emergency Service work?

  • SF Sonic provides emergency service support to motorists who are stranded on the road with no help around them.
  • Mobile vans are well equipped with the latest facilities and manned by efficient and trained personnel.
  • Vans are placed in strategic locations within the city, ready to rush to the aid of vehicles stalled by battery problems.
  • Central Communication Centres have been set up with dedicated telephone lines in different cities to receive calls from customers.