SF Sonic PowerPunch

The flow of superlative power for your inverter is SF Sonic PowerPunch.

SF Sonic PowerPunch

  • Enhanced Life: The Robust Grid Design prevents corrosion in Positive Plate which in turn decreases the degradation rate and increases life expectancy
  • Low water loss: All new Alloy System makes the battery better suited for deep discharge applications and ensures extremely low water loss
  • Superior re-chargeability: Significantly Higher Electrolyte Content and all new formulation ensures higher performance levels and superior re-chargeability
  • Increased reliability: Double Clad Separation with Special type Ribbed PE Envelop & Glass mat enhances reliability
  • Easy to connect and handle: Lug type take-off makes the battery easy to connect. Special Omega type Cover Design fitted with Venturi type Chamber Cover negates spillage during handling
  • Easy maintenance: Float Guides indicates MAX / MIN levels of Electrolyte, while the Magic Eye indicates the state of Charge

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Part Number Capacity (AH) 20HR (REF) Maximium Overall Dimensions (Mm) Nominal Filled Weight (Kg) Electrolyte Volume (Liters) Chargin Current (Amps) Acid Level Indicator Battery Layout
L W H H (With Float) (MM)
PH1500 - 150 521 278 270 333 52.6 16.4 10.5 Present Right Layout

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